[10 points must be read before choosing physics tuition] Ten considerations of phy tuition , supplement physics , tuition physics

[10 points must be read before choosing physics tuition] Ten considerations of phy tuition , supplement physics , tuition physics

[10 points must be read before choosing physics tuition] Ten considerations of phy tuition , supplement physics , tuition physics 


In addition to studying physics in school, many students want tohkdseHong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education physicsget better results in theexamination of the, I want to apply forafter class physics courses, but there are so many choices on the market. How to choose the right tutor for the candidates? What are the necessary things to pay attention to? Ten points are shared with you today!


1 Physics tutor qualifications

The first thing to talk about is the qualifications of the instructor. The qualifications of the instructor are divided into two directions. The first instructor’s own subjects studied in the university, such as physics major or applied physics or material physics, etc., the instructor of the junior college Tutors majoring in other universities have a broader level of knowledge and a better understanding of the causes and consequences that have been seen. They will have a more comprehensive understanding of student learning. In addition to knowledge, the tutor’s public test scores must also reach a certain level. For example Grade b or above five or above, to prove their familiarity and knowledge of the exam.exams,



2 Student‘s past performance

can be known through the students’ scores and comments in the publicwhich types of students have taken classes, and the students will leave a message for the tutor Is it a detailed explanation? How does the instructor help the students in teaching? You can also analyze in detail whether you have similar experiences and abilities, and choosemore suitable for your own grades. physics tutoring that is



3 Reputation and reputation

In addition to the information posted by the tuition agency or the teacher, Enrolling students can also objectively knowt his from various physics tuition teacher sources the relevant information of, including searching the reputation and word of mouth of the tuition teacher on the Internet. In addition, if any students are already enrolling in this physics tuition, they can also ask the students who are enrolling. The teacher’s opinions and suggestions.



4 class size

class The number of studentsclass will directly affect the time for direct interaction between the tutor and classmates. Individual classes can communicate directly to reduce fear of ugliness. Small classes are more suitable for students who are not brave enough to ask questions. But I also want to hear the interaction between the tutor and the classmates, so as to learn how to ask and talk about similar questions to themselves. The teacher can also ask each classmate one by one in class to ensure that they really follow the progress before continuing the class. It is not like the relatively independent accusation ability of the big class tutoring club.


5 teaching mode

After receiving relevant information, thewill probably know the teaching policy of the tutoring club or the tutor and the level of the classmates. Notes. Whether all aspects are suitable for you, such as yourself Students with weak learning ability or weaker abilities may be more suitable for individuals or small classes. If you feel that you have a certain degree of self-study ability, but you only need test skills and essential notes, you can consider thelarge tuition agencyphysics video course of a.


6 Quiz and exam

some students are more focused on whether the cram school provides regular exams. I hope that the tutor can correct their own exam papers after class to know whether they are following the progress, rather than justclass.


7 Admin

attending the Extracurricular activities or tutoring may need to change the time. If the tuition agency has a better tuition system, I believe it will be very convenient for the students who apply for it. For example, you can transfer to another class or use zoom to class or watch back to class at home Video.


8 The transportation is convenient.

If the transportation is convenient, you can save a lot of time to study. Take a break or other extracurricular activities, so when choosing a, it is recommended to choose athat is more convenient to the subway or bus station tutoring center tuition center


9 Administrative arrangements

Due to the epidemic situation, many students have switched to online classes, and the school schedule may not remain the same for a long time. Therefore, flexible classroom arrangements and fast responses will be better.


10 General fees and

charges are also one of the very important considerations. The tuition service has a wide range of fees. The most expensive one is generally for individual classes, about 400 mosquitoes per hour, large tutoring houses about 100 to 200 yuan per hour, and group classes between the two are about 200 degrees and 300 per hour. .


11 Trial physics class

tutoring is the teaching and learning of both the tutor and the student. Even if the tutor is said to have a good evaluation in teaching, it will ultimately be determined by the actual teaching and learning of the student and the teacher, so if there is Trying out will be better for both parties.

[物理补习之前必看10点]十个选择 phy补习 , 补physics , 补习物理 的注意事项

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